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Ølakademiets lokale

Every summer, Ølakademiet (The Beer Academy) opens up for activities in English. The services are available in Oslo only, as it’s the only city with staff during holiday seasons. To keep yourself at the English sites only, please avoid the colored menus at the top of the site!

About us

The Beer Academy was founded in 2008, of, and for all beer lovers. Norway has a rich culture heritage when it comes to beer, stretching all the way back to the Viking Age. Back in the good old days, brewing beer was mandatory before Christmas. Those who did not carry out this duty, risked to loose their farm to the King and to be deported. Hot rumors says that’s how Iceland became populated!

Wanna know more? Sign up for our Beer Tastings in English this summer!

This heritage is partly what we learn our visitors at beer tastings all year. We also teach students how to make their own beer, and to combine beer and food, and every year more than 13.000 people visit The Beer Academy.

As of 2018 we also collaborate with The Beer And Cider Academy in London.

The Grünerløkka area

The Beer Academy is situated in the vibrant area of Grünerløkka. This is the working class area that turned fashion hub, with numerous, cosy cafés, chilled bars and independent boutiques. Why not make a tour out of it? Suck in the atmosphere, dig in some local food at Mathallen, and shop for fashion in small stores, before you learn more about Vikings – and their relation to beer. To get here, you may walk from the city center in just 15 minutes – or jump on tram lines 11-12-13 north/east-bound, and disembark at “Schous Plass”.

This is where you find us, and some other places in the area worth a visit:


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ølakademiet AS
Thorvald Meyers gate 71A
0552 Oslo

Telephone: +47 2164 0665


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